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Booking information 

1. – Please read Below the Terms and Conditions + The release of Liability, Covenant not to Sue, Waiver, and Agreement. If Hiring a bike please also read the Rental Terms and conditions.

2. – Please fill in the Booking Form below, after you have filled in the booking form, you will receive an invoice via email, with the option of either paying a deposit of £200 / € 200 or the full balance. Late booking if less than 2 months before the tour we will require full payment.

3. – Payment: We accept payment by via bank transfer, PayPal, or card payments via the secure PayPal system (don’t worry you don’t need to sign up to pay by card, just follow the invoice instructions and select the option pay with a debit or credit card option). Please contact us if you have any problems or wish to pay using a different method ie bank transfer.

4. – Two months before departure if you haven’t already paid in full for your tour, we will send a reminder for the remaining balance.

5. – Tour information: Four weeks before departure, we will send out your password and link via email for the tour information page (the link can be found at the bottom of this booking form page), which includes important information about packing and riding and google map route links. You will also receive, via email, the tour PDF (for printing) with includes hotel locations, the tour guide telephone number and crossing times.


  • What happens if I live outside the UK or wish to join a tour at the port or partway through? – No problem! If you are already in Spain, France or Portugal, or wish to fly into Barcelona, we will modify the price in accord with your requirements. We can also help with bike hire just send an email or call us. Or see our Fly-ride tours for more information
  • Escorted tours you will have a tour guide with you who will be in charge of hotel check-ins/outs. Your guide will be on the same or similar route each day, either riding his or her own bike or driving the support van. Giving you the freedom to ride at your own pace with the tour route information, stopping when and where for something to drink, eat or take a photo.
  • Fully Guided Tours Are led by one or two tour guides depending on group size. We use a simple drop off system explained HERE, which enables the group to ride together without anybody getting lost, and also allows every rider to ride at their own pace without holding anybody up, so no pressure to ride faster than you want to. There will be no need to read maps etc, although we do still provide comprehensive GPS data which will allow you to ride separately from the main group should you wish.
  • All tours: Before the start of each the tour, we will email you the tour information, which includes advice on what to bring and pack plus the tour route files etc.
  • For Morocco, we will be on hand to help with the border crossings and also the more technical sections of the route. Again your guide will be either riding his or her own bike or driving the support van.
  • On the last morning of your tour at breakfast its time to say goodbye to your tour guide or guides before heading to the port. We normally offer a choice of a shorter route or twisty route back to the port, depending what time you would like to leave the hotel.
  • Riding on the continent because of the lack of traffic and better quality roads many people find riding on the continent far easier than in the UK. There is no better way to gain experience than actually taking the plunge and giving it a try.
  • Will I hold everybody up? – No, we run tours, not races! Whenever there is a group of riders you will inevitably get a wide range of experience and riding abilities no two riders are alike however you do need to be comfortable with the daily mileage. You are encouraged at all times to ride within your own capabilities.
  • I’m coming on tour by myself, will I fit in? – Yes absolutely! Everybody is welcome, we get a mixture of small groups 2 or 3 people, couples and solo riders on our tours. One of the main benefits of doing an organized tour is meeting new people and making new friends. As soon as you meet everybody else you instantly have something in common – Motorcycling!
  • Are women welcome? – Absolutely, it seems that more and more women are riding their own bikes or giving up their pillion seat. In fact, we are looking at running ladies only tours, if you are interested or would like to lead a tour please just send us an email.
  • What do we do in the evenings? – You are free to explore on your own or stay with the group, this is also a good time to get to know your fellow riders better and make new friends.
  • If I book a shared room who will I share with? – If you book with a friend, you will share a room with your friend, (unless you fancy single room) just add your friend’s name into the booking form comments box. If you are booking alone and book a shared room we will try our best to pair you up with somebody compatible.
  • Motorways – We always try to avoid motorways and toll roads, but sometimes we may need to use larger roads to avoid citys, join up more interesting routes or because of diversions or roadblocks.
  • Motorcycle – What type of bike do I need? Simple answer anything you are comfortable on if it can go around corners and is motorway legal! We also recommend it can maintain 70 mph in case we need to use larger roads or motorways. If you are unsure if your bike is suitable please contact us.
  • Maps – Sat nav – Do I need a Satnav? It’s not essential on our Fully guided tours there will be a tour leader and normally a backmarker with the group. If it’s a self-guided or Guided/escorted tour then we provide maps and coordinates for you to follow.
  • Do I receive any info before the tour? – Yes, we will send you our comprehensive rider information which includes details of your crossing, meeting point, hotel information including addresses and telephone numbers. You will also receive printable maps & GPS coordinates.
  • Is my payment safe? – The 1992 Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tours Regulations require all holiday organizers to safeguard against insolvency. In accordance with the regulations, we will hold all clients monies in trust until such a time as your tour is complete.

Terms & conditions:

  • If you cancel: All cancellations must be in writing and the following terms apply: You may transfer your deposit to another tour or transfer your booking to another person. However if less than 8 weeks before departure no refund will be given, if you cancel, as we will have booked your ferry crossings and accommodation.
  • If we cancel: We reserve the right to cancel any tour – however, this would only become necessary in exceptional circumstances. In such an event, we would hope to offer you an alternative. If this were not possible or acceptable, we would issue a full refund. Overland motorcycle Tours will not be held responsible or offer a refund or compensation in any of the following situations: war, riots, civil unrest, terrorism, natural disaster or any unforeseen cancellations due to industrial disputes. weather conditions, Mechanical problems, and Transportation.
  • Tour Changes: Arrangements for your tour are made months in advance. It is, therefore, inevitable that changes can occur. In most cases, these changes will be minor and will not affect your holiday. However, in the event of a major change, we will advise you immediately and you may then (a) continue the tour with the new itinerary, (b) accept an alternative of the same or similar value, or (c) cancel your holiday with a full refund.
  • Our Responsibilities: We accept responsibility for supplying as near as physically possible a tour package as described. We are unable to control any deficiencies in services due to local conditions, maintenance or industrial dispute.
  • Your Responsibilities: You must advise Overland motorcycle Tours of any illness, infirmity, allergies, and disabilities, health issues of any kind or dietary needs that may affect your touring holiday or riding. Be a competent rider with a machine that is road legal, mechanically sound and of a type suitable for touring or trail riding or un-surfaced, unsealed roads. Hold a valid Certificate of Insurance covering machine, rider, and pillion. Have the ability to get yourself and/or bike home in the event of a breakdown, accident or emergency, by having a suitable breakdown and recovery insurance with Repatriation cover for rider and pillion. To ensure your vehicle is secure overnight or when leaving your motorcycle unattended.
  • Please note: Overland motorcycle Tours accept no responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage of belongs or vehicles.

Please ensure that you have the following documents:

  • Valid passport Your Passport must have at least 6 months remaining, by the time you return. (Non-UK Passport holders please check your visa requirements before travel)
  • If starting from the UK the original valid v5 for your bike
  • Driving license
  • European insurance cover for your bike – must include repatriation in the event of an accident or serious breakdown.
  • Personal Travel Insurance for yourself and pillion (if appropriate). This must include a medical cover including any possible repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident. We also recommend you include cancellation cover in the unfortunate event of you being unable to tour due to illness, redundancy, etc.
  • Please note: Overland motorcycle Tours accept no responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage of belongs or vehicles.

© Overland Motorcycle Tours

The release of Liability, Covenant not to Sue, Waiver, and Agreement:

  • I acknowledge that I understand that motorcycle riding and touring is hazardous and may result in serious injury or death. I understand that this activity in which I am voluntarily participating has inherent risks (including death, loss of limb and permanent disability, and damage to or loss of property) that I assume. I certify that I am duly licensed and competent to operate a motorcycle in a safe manner, and the vehicle I will be operating during the tour is in safe and legal operating condition.
  • I am solely responsible to determine the speed and operational characteristics of my motorcycle and my ability as a motorcycle operator while participating in the tour. I hereby agree to expressly and voluntarily accept and assume all risks involved in operating a motorcycle or participating as a motorcycle passenger while participating in a tour with Overland Motorcycle Tours.
  • I hereby covenant, as a motorcycle operator or motorcycle passenger, not to sue Overland Motorcycle Tours, their owners, agents, employees, officers, directors, managers and representatives for any and all loss or damage including property damage or loss, personal injury, permanent disability and/or death, arising out of my participation in this activity (including but not limited to riding, touring, transportation to and from the activity, and at all lodging and stops).
  • Overland Motorcycle Tours makes no warranty regarding conditions, the safety of roadways, weather, lodging or stops, and I assume all risk that the conditions, safety of roadways, weather, lodging or stops are other than what is expected.
  • I understand and agree that Overland Motorcycle Tours is acting as my agent only to provide guidance as to routes, and I hereby release and hold harmless Overland Motorcycle Tours its owners, agents, assigns and heirs against any and all claims, causes of action, or any other liability of any kind arising from my operation of a motorcycle, or as a motorcycle passenger during my activity of motorcycle touring.
  • I agree to abide by all tour requirements regarding the safe and legal operation of motorcycles, no use of alcohol or drugs and agree that any violation of these requirements will result in the termination of my participation in the tour without recourse or refund.
  • I certify that I have no known physical or mental impairment that may affect my safety or the safety of the group. I understand that, subsequent to state and local regulations, the choice of wearing a helmet or other protective gear is solely my own and that Overland Motorcycle Tours most strongly recommends its tour participants to wear protective gear.
  • Further, I certify that I am not under the influence of alcohol, any narcotic, or other drugs that may impair my understanding or judgment. I acknowledge that I have read this liability waiver and agreement and that I am waiving any claim as set forth herein for myself, my spouse, personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin.
  • In consideration of being permitted to participate in the tour, I hereby release, waive, hold harmless, discharge, and agree to indemnify Overland Motorcycle Tours, their owners, agents, employees, officers, directors, managers and representatives from any and all liability to me, my spouse, personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin for any and all claims, demands, liability, loss or damage (including property damage or loss, personal injury, permanent disability and/or death), in any way resulting from or arising in connection with this activity.
  • I hereby agree to fully assume the risk and full responsibility of bodily injury, permanent disability, death or property loss or damage due to the negligence of those being released herein, and on behalf of myself, my spouse, my personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin.
  • I acknowledge and agree that there are inherent risks of serious bodily injury and/or death and the purpose of this liability waiver and agreement is to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the law and that if any portion hereof be held invalid, I do expressly agree that the balance shall notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.
  • I further agree to the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of me, or in which I may be included, for editorial trade, advertising, and any other purpose and in any manner and medium.

© Overland Motorcycle Tours

Please read below if you are hiring a bike - Rental Terms and General Conditions:

All bikes include:

  • top box/panniers.
  • Unlimited kilometers on rentals 7 days or longer
  • 300km/day on 1 to 6 days rentals. Extra km 0,25€
  • Full insurance with 1.000€ deductible excess
  • Taxes (VAT 21%)
  • 24h roadside assistance in Europe and Morocco

Rider requirements:

  • Minimum 26 years of age or older
  • Minimum 3 years of motorcycle driver’s license (Spanish class “A” or
  • equivalent)
  • All riders must hold a valid and/or International motorcycle driver’s license
  • issued at the country or state of permanent residence.
  • Minimum 2 years of accredited riding experience on similar bikes
  • Additional riders allowed only when conveniently named, included and signed in the rental agreement.

Reservations and payments:

  • We recommend reserving well in advance to secure your preferred dates
  • A valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard) will be required.
  • The deposit will be taken as a credit towards your rental
  • Published rates include 300km/day for rentals from 1 to 6 days (0,25
  • Euro/extra km), unlimited kilometers for 7 or more days of rental, insurance

Pick up & Drop off:

  • We can deliver or pick-up the motorcycle/s for you at any hotel in Barcelona upon demand subject to confirmation. We recommend the Hotel NH Numancia, conveniently located next to our base


  • -Our normal hours of operation are 9 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday. Other hours and weekends under demand subject to confirmation.
  • -Rental period is calculated on a 24 hours basis starting at the time of rental
  • -Weekend rentals from Friday at 6 pm to Monday at 10 am
  • -There is a 1000 Euros damage deposit to be taken at the time of rental. Should you not have the credit available on your credit card, we can not provide the motorcycle.
  • -Insurance coverage on the bike has a 1000 Euros deductible so the rider will be responsible for the first 1000 Euros.
  • -Our motorcycles are allowed to be ridden in all European countries with a few exceptions: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Ucraina.
  • -You are allowed to ride in Morocco, but only as a participant in a Guided-Tour, or with a special authorization.
  • -Hirers must use the brake disk locks when leaving the bikes unattended for any length of time. We will not replace a stolen bike
  • -All the motorcycles are supplied and should be returned with a full tank. The fuel charge is priced at 1.80 Euro/ liter (95 Octane) with a minimum charge of 15€
  • -The motorcycles must be returned on the agreed date and time. If you wish to extend the rental period, it will be permitted but subject to availability, and should be notified to staff at least 48 hours in advance
  • -late returns will incur a charge of 60 Euros for every complete hour exceeding the designated return time, or its proportional cost per minutes
  • -Tickets and fines are the responsibility of the hirer, and we’ll be obliged to provide your personal info details to the Authorities. An additional 40 Euros administration fee will be charged in your credit card

Prohibited Uses: 

Hired motorcycles may not be used:

  • -by any person who is not an authorized driver in the rental agreement
  • -by anyone with a suspended driver’s license or incapable of driving -by any person who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs (either stimulant or depressant) and/or other substances that may negatively affect driving conditions
  • -for off-road driving
  • -for broadcasting, filming and/or any other commercial purposes -for the practice of any motorcycle competition events
  • -for any illegal purposes or in connections with any illegal activity

Very important:

failure to comply with these rules, incidents produced by not respecting the traffic laws, abandoning the scene of an accident, and/or exceeding the agreed rental period without any previous notice, will result in the security deposit being forfeited. And any damages will be the responsibility of the renter despite the cost as the insurance purchased does not cover the situations previously stated.   All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions included in the rental agreement between Motor Tours Rentals & Services, S.L., and the hirers. The subject of the rental agreement is the authorization to the hirers to properly use the motorcycles property of Motor Tours Rentals & Services, S.L. for the reserved and confirmed rental periods.

© Overland Motorcycle Tours

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