Entering Morocco with your Motorcycle

Documents needed:

• A passport (most visitors don’t need a visa)
• Your vehicle ownership document (‘V5’ in the UK)
• Motor insurance covering Morocco, if you cant arrange cover before travelling just buy at the port or border.

Filling in the D 16 form online and printing your D16-TER, temporary vehicle import permit in advance, saves time filling out forms at the port.

Click this link to the Moroccan Customs website to fill out your ‘D16’ form in advance.

  • Prénom and Nom: Your given name and family name as they appear in your passport (in capitals)
  • Identifiant: If you have been to Morocco before you will have a police number in your passport in the format 999999AA, in which case click on Étrangers non résident (non-resident foreigners) and stick the number in the box. If you haven’t been to Morocco before, click on ‘autres’.
  • Immatriculation: your registration number/licence plate number (no spaces)
  • Marque: Manufacturer of the vehicle (BMW or whatever). If yours isn’t listed, click on ‘autres’ which will bring up a dialogue box to type into.
  • Type: Model of vehicle (1200GSA or whatever) as shown in your vehicle papers
  • Genre: Choose from pull-down list box–motorbike, car…
  • Pays: Your country of residence
  • Date de 1ere mise: date the vehicle was first registered in the format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Chassis no: your VIN (vehicle identification number from V5C).
  • Press ‘Imprimer’ to display the data in a formatted manner as shown below.

how to fill in D16 Morocco motorcycle Vehicle importation example

After pressing ‘Imprimer’ the screen should look like this: Your D16 does not actually print but appears on another page with all your information formatted in between French and Arabic translations, as well as a barcode, as on the right. If it all looks correct then print the document on the web page or save it to your device and print that pdf. There are 3 copies on the A4 page, Don’t forget to sign each one in the bottom left-hand corner. Its also a good idea to print out an extra spare set. .

how to fill in D16 Morocco motorcycle Vehicle car importation example

Arriving at Tangier med (port)

Unlike the crossing to Ceuta, passport control is done onboard the ferry, so make sure you are given an entry form from the ferry ticket office. Complete the forms whilst waiting in the queue to board. Immediately you get on board look for a queue of people standing by a desk on the ferry, for passport control.

Getting into Morocco always seems more complicated than it needs to be but you don’t need, and shouldn’t use any of the so-called helpers.

Once you pass customs, at Tangier Med there’s a line of portacabins on the left before you get to the passenger ferry terminal. These include insurance and currency exchange.

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