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 We specialize in Road + Adventure Motorcycle tours Holidays in Europe Spain Pyrenees France & Morocco. Join the adventure ride the best roads with Overland Motorcycle tours!

After touring for many years around Europe planning and ‘reccying’ tours with friends, family and other tour companies on various types of motorcycles, from sports bikes to classics and most things in-between, even `mopeds to the Mediterranean` We decided it was time to put our ideas together. So that we are able to offer fantastic biking holidays at reasonable prices, visiting many interesting places and riding some of the best roads and trails.

We are always looking into new routes so that we can offer even more fantastic biking holidays to our customers and friends.

Our goal
Is to provide you with an unforgettable motorcycle tour whether you’re a new or experienced rider. It’s our commitment and attention to detail that will make the tour a special experience. Our experienced motorcycle tour guides are at your disposal with their motorcycle and cultural experience, to guide you safely throughout the tour, as well as show you the hidden secrets along the way.

Small groups
Normally no more than twelve riders per tour guide, this guarantees maximum personal freedom for each participant. Of course, you can also discover parts of the tour on your own, or ride in groups if you wish.

Hotel accommodation
We carefully select our hotels, we understand that clean comfortable accommodation is of great importance after a days riding.

Tour reviews 

Mike – Pyrenees Mountains May 2018
Tour Leader Jay is a superb moto rider and mechanically knowledgeable. He has clearly invested many hours developing fantastic tour routes and selecting a neat variety of hotels. The small group size and Jay’s logistical planning resulted in efficient travel and enabled everyone to ride at their desired pace. Most importantly, Jay’s positive attitude, helpfulness, and constant smile made for a most pleasant experience.

Richard – Moroccan Mountains – Adventure Tour October 2017.
“This tour is billed as an adventure tour and for someone who had not biked outside Europe, it lived up to its title. There were challenging weather conditions in Spain, border crossings, and breakdowns to contend with, but the rewards were some of the best roads I’ve ever ridden, both tarred and unmetalled and a chance to get close to a different culture. Highlights? Always a personal thing but riding to Ait-Benhaddou and going around this world heritage site was up there with the gorges. The sat-nav routes supplied by Jay were accurate and gave confidence when riding away from the group. Make no mistake this is a rider’s tour with long days in the saddle, but that was what I signed up for. It has whetted my appetite for a return visit; job done.”

Marcus – Moroccan Mountains – Adventure Tour October 2017.
I bought a new Honda Africa Twin and a mate said: “hey, fancy getting your bike dirty?” – The next thing I knew I had signed up for Overland Motorcycle Tours Morocco trip and I did indeed get my bike very dirty.
If you own a bike with “Africa” or perhaps “Adventure” in the name then you really should let it do what it was made for at least once in its life. The roads and bureaucracy of Africa are not like that of Europe. It’s not really a place that the inexperienced can simply turn up and expect trip advisor to make everything easy. Simply getting across the border, and out again, in fact, are not without complications.
Having a guide that’s experienced and organized makes all the difference. The sheer logistics of a 16-night tour would not have been possible for me to organize myself. If you haven’t ridden the roads before you don’t really have any way of calculating ride times. Some sections are very fast indeed and others very slow and not really roads by any sensible definition. Jay knows the routes and what’s possible and what’s perhaps less so in a day.
Overland Adventures provided a detailed itinerary early on and plenty of professional assistance long before we even set off. From insurance to what maintenance and tools to bring, they have done a lot of thinking for you. All ferry crossings and accommodation was organized leaving you to simply ride your bike.
The trip itself is a riding holiday – make no mistake it’s an adventure and one that requires some effort on your part to complete, not everyone made it to the end – but that’s the point, “adventure” remember. Go with the flow, test yourself and your bike, but there is a guide with you for when things go pear-shaped.
I’m happy to recommend Overland Motorcycle Tours and Jay specifically. I had a great time with some great people and I’ve got some great stories to tell as a result.
My bike says Africa Twin on the fuel tank, not Milton Keynes…!

Thank you for your kind words guys, we’re glad that all our hard work and effort has paid off, along with the few adjustments we made following last years tour. Looking forward to seeing you again, soon. Ride safe regards Jay

Tim – Imperial Morocco – road tour 2016
” just back from the Morocco tour. It was an amazing experience, the roads, landscape, and weather was just fantastic! Also, the organization was very professional. Thanks very much for a great biking holiday. Just wish I could do it again this year.”

Aiden & Rebecca – Pyrenees tour 2017
” We had a great time on the Pyrenees tour, it was my partner’s first bike tour, she can’t wait to do it again, many thanks to overland motorcycle tours.”

 John – Imperial Morocco – road tour 2016
” Had a great time on the Morocco tour brill choice of roads and hotels thankyou “

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